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ASSA Rules

  • Horses may enter unlimited in-hand classes, but no more than 6 ridden classes at a time
  • Although classes are presented according to a discipline group, there are still some potential cross entry conflicts!
    • A Park horse can enter Park Harness -or- Fine Harness, but not both. In either case, this horse can still cross into Park Saddle and Formal Combination.
    • English Pleasure and Show Pleasure are neary identical, as are English Country Pleasure and Classic Pleasure. If you are presented with options from both English & Show Pleasure, or both English Country & Classic pleasure, you may cross enter. You may not, however, cross enter between English/Show and English Country/Classic, or between either or those and Park or Western.
    • Gaited horses that are presented with non-Gaited classes should be able to perform a non-gaited walk, trot and canter if you wish to cross into the non-gaited class.
  • Horses that are meant to compete under saddle will be presented with a performance halter class, prospect in-hand classes (if age 0-2), and ridden classes (if age 3-30) of the correct discipline group. Horses that are meant to compete in halter only will be presented with halter classes, liberty classes, and (if a Paso breed), Bella Forma classes.