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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to send a private message to a staff member on The Sim Community

Can I host a member event for the ASSA?

Yes! ASSA members are welcome to host a maximum of 4 ASSA shows per month. For details on how to do this and for the points awarded at member-hosted shows, please go to the Points, Titles and Hosting page.

NOTE: Member-hosted shows must be run using the "Host Shows" feature in the Member Area member (visible when logged in). Results posted to the results board at The Sim Community that were compiled using an outside randomizer will not count (although we don't know how you would get the completely populated class list anyway). Why? Our results randomizer inputs the results into our database, and does not allow the inclusion of horses owned by members who do not wish to be included in member-hosted shows.

I don't age my horses in real time. What do I need to know?

We give you the option to specify a year of birth (YOB) -or- an age for your horses. If a YOB is specified, then the horse will be aged in real time, and its age for entry purposed will be calculated as "current show year - YOB." If no YOB is specified, the the horse is considered to be whatever age is specified, regardless of which show season we're in. The age/de-age all horses option on your stable page only affects horses without a YOB.

Your horse's real time aging status can be changed at any time by editing the horse to add or remove its YOB.

I tried to join, but I was redirected back to the login/join page and I can't login.

If your join form is processed successfully, you will be automaticaly logged in and should be redirected to your "My Stable" home page. If you are sent back to the login & registration forms page, then your form was not processed. Your form may not have been processed because (a) you left one or more fields (excluding the stable URL) blank, (b) your chosen user name already exists, (c) your passwords did not match, or (d) you did not enter the passcode. The current passcode should be listed directly above the join form's first field, in bold. Copy the word or phrase in bold entirely, without extra spaces before or after it, and without changes to capitlization.

I tried to register my horse, but it didn't work.

No two registered horses can have the same name. If you're sure you filled out all required fields, make sure the horse doesn't already exist! Our registry can be searched using the registry search function. Remember that some horses may have been retired or transfered to the archive by a previous owner, and consider turning those options on when you search the registry.

If the horse you are trying to register is owner by the archive, or by an inactive user, please contact a staff member (Ashlee, Jenna, Mika, Noel, Tessa) on The Sim Community forums to have it transferred to you. If the horse has been wrongfully retired, you can also request that it be transferred and un-retired. If the horse was retired by its current owner (according to the registry), however, please consider whether or not the horse really should still be competing here.

I don't have an account at The Sim Community. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! Everyone with horses competing in the all sim is welcome to participate in this association. Please note, however, that members wishing to host member-hosted shows must be able to post those results on our results board at The Sim Community.

I registered a horse that shouldn't be here. What should I do?

Always transfer "oops" horses (including duplicates, if they occur) to "Archive" as the new owner. Do not attempt to edit the horse to make it disappear. This keeps the database from breaking and prevents the horse from being included in future shows.

One of my homebreds was registered before I signed up. How do I make it appear on my homebreds listing?

If the horse's "breeder" matches your stable name exactly, then simply viewing your "My Homebreds" listing should catch and update it. If the horse's "breeder" does not match, please contact the horse's owner first, or otherwise a staff member to have the horse's breeder information changed.

I forgot my password...

Contact a staff member on The Sim Community forums and you will be given a temporary password. Once you have receive your temporary password, login and change it immediately.

I have a lot of horses to register. Do I really have to register them all one at a time?

If you have a large group of horses to register, download a copy of this spreadsheet, fill it out, and send it to assa@westveil-estate.com. For best results, save it in .ods format (or another spreadsheet format). You will receive a reply when your herd has been uploaded.

Q. My horse has been renamed / my horse had spelling errors in old results. How do I make sure all of my horse's results are pulled on its page?

A. This page lists all of the unique horse names found in the results archive. The admins have a page that allows us to rename these results. Simply send one of the admins a list of the names in the results, and what they need to be changed to, and we'll get it fixed for you.