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Point Scales

Class ARegionalNationalInternational
Ch: 3Ch: 6Ch: 8Ch: 10
RCh: 2RCh: 4RCh: 6RCh: 8
TT: 1TT: 2TT: 3TT: 5


Title Abbr Points
Champion Ch 200 - 399
Regional Champion RCh 400 - 599
National Champion NCh 600 - 799
International Champion ICh 800 - 999
World Champion WCh 1000 - 1199
Hall of Fame HoF 1200+

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Hosting Class A Shows

ASSA members may host Class A shows using the Host Shows feature (when logged in). You are permitted to run four (4) shows per month. The system will allow you to run shows for the current month, or either of the past two (2) months. This limit has been put in place to prevent users from hosting an entire year of shows at once, at the end of the year, when most members are busy rushing to collect all of their results.

If you plan to host a Class A show, you must be a member of The Sim Community, and you must post the results on the ASSA Class A results board.